Classic toy.  (PITCH DECK)  

                          Full-spectrum Cognitive engagement.  Cognitive tool.  


The Sommer Cube (S3) is about unleashing the instinct to think, with Hands and Mind:  play, with freedom of means and ends.  A challenge to prevailing assumptions, integrating interdependent concepts that have been carefully examined in radically different fields. 

                           Peel the conceptual onion to follow Slinks in science.

                                                  What it is.  What it does. 


                                        2002                                            1988       



Its dialectical premise, uncertainty as tool, was first employed in a new research / strategic planning methodology for group, a social sciences paradigm shift, 


the Listening Post (a two-stage formal manipulation of feedback and symmetry:  a true partnership between researcher / producer and subject / consumer).

Both were predicated on the manipulation of objective and subjective reality. 


© Michael S. Sommer, Ph.D, 2018