Classic toy.  (PITCH DECK)  

                                 Cognitive tool (developmental and research).  

                           Peel the conceptual onion to follow Slinks in science.

                                                  What it is.  What it does. 


The challenge:  navigation in a topology of paradox, where the strategies and tactics are evolutionary.

It’s about survival of the creativist.


Contradiction of pattern;


Contradiction of face / quadrants;  


Divergent symmetry of face pairs; 


Symmetry under transformation.


Binary Opposition                           four bit (0/1) — nibble                 Asynchronous Binary Processor


Sis predicated on juxtaposition of square and circle across three dimensions and the bit (binary digit), the basic unit of information, which can have only one of two values (0/1), and can be physically implemented with a two-state device; S3 manipulator seeks best paths (optimization) in an unfriendly (blocking) network.


Archimedes’ Tombstone (his pride and joy); Tangram + Archimedes' Sphere and Cylinder:  S3 

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