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                                   Symmetry Under Transformation

                                   Cubical Maze Module

Sommer Cube (S3).  What it is.  What it does.  

The Answers take a little explaining:  follow multiple perspectives -- mental and manual rotation:  the sciences, art, and music -- with Links.  




                                                                                                               Rolling Ball Switch


                          four bit (0/1) -- nibble                                Binary Processor (0/1)      

               The Smart Block.     The Upgrade:  Hands and Mind. 


The S3 is a hybrid:  combined puzzle and maze and rolling ball device, where intuition is a prerequisite -- logic is necessary but not sufficient.

S3 is predicated on juxtaposition of square and circle across three dimensions and binary opposition, the bit (binary digit), the basic unit of information, which can have only one of two values (0/1), and can be physically implemented with a two-state device; S3 manipulator seeks best paths (optimization) in an unfriendly (blocking) network

S3 is about Distributed Communication Network -- regulatory switching:  synchronizing concurrent communication / interference among S3s (each a three axis rotation problem space);  continuous synchronous switching:  nested, dynamic, switching of cognitive and perceptual and mathematical dichotomies, where the manipulator must constantly re-examine reigning assumptions, transcend and control nested and evolving recursion and contradiction, by inventing new propositions.

"North Haven:   A State of Mind





                                                                          "l'espoir vis en moi

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